About CounterStrike

Company Overview

CounterStrike Security & Sound was founded in 2005 by two industry veterans and father and son duo.

Counterstrike Security & Sound is a local family owned and operated company, based in Cape Coral, Florida and serving all of Southwest Florida.

Our team is committed to provide creative, custom and comprehensive service for our clients. From consultation to design, to sales and installation to training, monitoring and maintenance, our goal is to help each client achieve a system that will fit their needs, budget and lifestyle.

Our Name

When we started CounterStrike we started as a home security company, because that was our team’s strongest skill set. Although we had as much experience in custom audio & video, video surveillance and home automation, we really didn’t have the highly skilled team back then as we do today.

In 2005, we knew that we could not only effectively serve our clients by just offering home security, our road-map did have a solid plan for serving all custom electronics clients’ needs. Today, we have more than surpassed this goal.

The CounterStrike brand was effective for us as a home security company. Our brand has built a great reputation since 2005 so we stuck with it.

Our New Logo

We changed our logo in 2013 to create a more modern brand.

Logo From 2005-2013
Logo From 2005-2013
Logo Since 2013
Logo Since 2013

Our Licenses

We currently have 4 state licenses; 3 in Florida, and 1 in Georgia.

Our Florida licenses allow us to do any type of electrically connected system, high and low voltage and Certified Alarm Contractor I & II. We can proudly say that there aren’t too many companies like us.

Our Georgia license allows us to do any low voltage work. Why Georgia? Well, we have some Florida clients that also have homes in Georgia and absolutely love us. They requested that we deck out their Georgia homes and of course we had to meet license requirements as regulated by both states.

We are also insured for everything we do.

FL LIC # EG13000268, EF20000754, EC13004953, GA LIC # LVU405878

Do you use Subcontractors?

Absolutely not!

Our installation and service team is skilled enough to handle any scenario required by us. In fact, the licenses we mentioned above includes a full high voltage electrical contractor’s license.

We do many jobs that require electrical work, like adding outlets for wall mounted TVs and full LUTRON lighting control system. Our team consists of educated, highly-experienced members and we do not want our clients dealing with outside contractors in their homes.


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