Remote Connectivity

Digital Mobile Surveillance System Apps

iDMSS App for iOS & Android

  • Support real-time live/playback
    – Supports remote monitor, playback and configure the device
  • Support H.265/H.264/MPEG-4/JPEG decoding
  • Support alarm push with live/playback/image
    – Alarm Push with three different types enables you to acquire instant messages for what happened in your monitoring environment.
  • E-Map
    – Self-add cameras onto the imported E-map to easy get your target video & realize easy device management
  • Task Wheel to change Favorites Group
    – A simple tap to add “Favorite Group”; A little Slide to get your “Favorite Group”

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About SmartPSS

SmartPSS is an abbreviation for Smart Professional Surveillance System. The software is to manage small quantity security surveillance devices. It releases with the device and does not support the products from other manufacturers.

It has the following features:

  • View real – time video of several camera channels.
  • View the playback video files from various cameras.
  • Support multiple scheduled arms to realize auto PC guard.
  • Support e-map; you can clearly view and manage all device locations.
  • Video wall previews.
  • People count and heat maps.
  • Search and export logs.

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